We are not just trainers, we are also doers: Our expertise comes from decades of hands-on experience in the industry. As such, we also provide consulting services:

Hardware and firmware security
From traditional embedded devices over IoT to industrial and automotive security: We help you before, during and after the design phase. From reviewing your architecture to attempting to break the security of your device.

Chip security
We specialize on fault-injection attacks on microcontrollers and SoCs. Want to know whether a chip you are planning to use (or even designing) is susceptible to voltage, clock or electro-magnetic fault-injection? We perform real-world analysis and have a background in published attacks on different microcontrollers.

Web security
Built a web-application and want to make sure it's secure? We offer code-reviews and hands on audits - we don't just run scanners, we actively research and dig through your application, just as a real attacker would.

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